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Our goal here at the reiki practice is for everyone to experience healing from Reiki, Reflexology & ear candling. 

Sometime when you are just not sure if you will really like it and don't really want to spend lots of money on something that may not be for you? 

Our sample healing sessions will give you an invite into what a full session would include but condensed into a handy 30 minute session. 

Sample Reiki Healing - This beautiful treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and energised all in one go. Your therapist will explaine what is happening and unlike some reiki healers who insist on silence, We encourage conversation & feedback. 

Sample Reflexology  Session - Sometimes you may think you are the most sickly feet ever or you hate the site of your feet or nails, We have seen it all over the years and have treated some of the most giggly folk around. Laughter is a great therapy so if you need to laugh " Go for it" 

You will be amazed how the pressure and feeling of a reflexology treatment is so different to having your feet tickled!

Sample Hopi Ear Candling -  During a Hopi ear candling session you will lay on a therapy couch on your side, Kind of like in a recovery position. 

Whist the hopi ear candle is positioned the therapist will talk you through every step, Making sure you are comfortable and relaxed. 

Hopi ear candling is great is you suffer from a build up of ear wax, The candling is followed by a relaxing lymphatic facial which will leave you feeling focussed and relaxed. what is reiki

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Sample Healing Sessions


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