Animal Reiki

All about the dogs


Do you look at your pet and think they look a bit down or want to help them after an operation? Animals like humans can suffer from lots of ailiments physical and spiritual. 

Let you best friend experience reiki and see the difference in their wellbeing. 

Our animal reiki sessions are either 30 minutes or one hour. equine reiki

But not forgetting the cats


Cats seem to gravitate towards us when we give then reiki, Out of all the animals we treat, Cats just seem to get it? 

Once you allow yourself to relax and become one with the animal through reiki you have a unbreakable connection. 

Equine reiki Treatments


We have worked with various livery yards and equine specialists over the years, Witnessing some amazing results through treatment & rehabilitation horses seem to connect deeply whilst reiki is flowing and that moment when you connect  with the horse is truly a very special moment. 

We have experience in working with horses at most levels, working alongside equine veterinarians is always great to heal the spirit whilst the veterinarian heals the body. 

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